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The Canford

Designed and built for the 'Glamping' market, the Canford is a budget model allowing for a swift return on investment, Priced from £35,000 plus 5% VAT it has a bedroom, shower room, lounge and kitchen just as the other models - but its lined in  plywood with a choice of finishes - timber face or painted, it still has a  hand-made kitchen, the shower wet room is finished in Aquapanel instead of mosaic tiling and there is no belly box.

The Canford is available as a 'plug-in' model, with water, electric and waste hook up. LPG is also available.

The Canford is a straight sided wagon with an arc roofline and a hardwood stable door. The lining is simpler - but still classically 'Showman Style' and its available in all the colours offered across the range.

The Canford glamping wagon is available within 12 weeks of ordering and can be delivered anywhere a low-loader or tractor can get to from £500 plus VAT.

Extra features are available, every wagon is bespoke so customising to suit every budget and requirement is expected.

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