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Our Wagons


We offer 4 basic styles of wagon, each offering a number of different options allowing great flexibility to suit just about any use. Whether for holiday self-catering in a forest with complete off-grid capability, luxury hotel accommodation in the grounds of a boutique wedding venue, parked on the banks of a trout stream allowing summer use on a water meadow, a fabulous place to put lucky guests in a private garden or maybe just a wonderful place to live for less than the cost of an apartment of the same size in most British villages.

Of course - within the confines of our 30' x 8'6" x 12' high superstructure the possibilities for your own completely customised wagon to suit any use are endless. Maybe a gin bar? How about a restaurant carriage? Home office? Somewhere to write a novel or paint a masterpiece - we can move the doors, add windows, put a balcony on, install a bath or have a wet room.

Whatever you want your wagon will be built to the very highest standards out of the highest quality materials by highly skilled craftsmen and individually tailored to suit your very own specifications to last decades of use and beyond.

Classic Showman's Wagons are approx. 30' long, 8'6" wide and 12' high with the classic Mollycroft roofline, iconic curved sides and rounded corners on a heavy steel agricultural class chassis. Smaller models are available and every wagon is bespoke to your individual requirements. Straight sided timber clad wagons are considerably cheaper to build and can be tailored to suit every budget.


Our standard wagons are based on an especially designed and modified agricultural chassis based upon a 'bale trailer' with a front turntable and fixed rear axle. They are designed to be towed behind a tractor or steam engine with a speed limit of 25mph on British roads. It is not legal to tow it on a public road behind other vehicles.  The trailer has hydraulic brakes, indicators, running and brake lights which are connected via fittings used on tractors. As the average weight of these wagons is around 6 tonnes it is obviously essential that the hydraulic brake line is connected to a suitable vehicle before attempting to tow on any kind of incline.

It is possible to move the wagon around on private land behind some 4WD vehicles, however, we strongly recommend limiting this to flat ground only.

* VAT Rates - Caravans with bathroom and kitchen facility attract a reduced rate of 5%. Bespoke wagons lacking either may be rated differently


Finance for up to 90% of the cost of a wagon is available through Andy Knight at First Capital Finance

example: cost of wagon £50,000

10% deposit £5000

Repayment @ fixed rate of 4% is 60 monthly repayments of £900

or 30% deposit of £15000

Repayment @ a fixed rate of 4% is 60 monthly repayments of £700

Example only, rates will vary according to circumstances and subject to status, additional security may be required.

Choose Your Wagon


The classic 30' traditional  Showman's Wagon with bedroom, kitchen, living room and additional shower room. and WC

The Canford Glamping Wagon

From £35000 plus 5% VAT

27' wagon, based on our own circus wagon at a budget price for the glamping market

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