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Hospitality & Hire

Ex Gifford's Circus kitchen wagon - fully restored for the festival and wedding circuit. gin Bar, champagne bar, festival catering, food van, circus

This fabulous ex-Gifford's Circus kitchen wagon has been fully restored, with a new roof, new insulated cold store, servery and display cabinets with ice machine, glass washer and many features.

Very eye-catching, this is available Spring 2020 for hire at weddings and festivals.

Perfect for champagne & strawberries, gin bar or food servery. 

Comes with menu boards 

plug in- requires water supply and 240v electric hook up

Call for details and availability

Bespoke Catering Kitchen Wagons

We have designed a catering van, fully equipped to produce a wide menu, designed to allow a kitchen to be portable, whilst also being an attractive feature that customers will be drawn to. Perfect for sensitive locations where planning for permanent structures will be an issue or where seasonal floods and storms make other structures unviable.

These vans will be semi-off-grid. A permanent water supply, drainage and electricity will be required. All appliances are LPG gas, so a storage facility will be required.

We have been working on a pull-out platform allowing flow of customers from an order pint to a service point at opposite ends of the van. 

A separate dining car can also be offered to your own style and specification.

All our designs are fully customisable to suit your own requirements within our generous 30' x 8' footprint.

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