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We offer a full restoration service for Vintage Showman's Wagons. Our team of highly skilled craftsmen will take the utmost care and attention to detail in restoring vintage living vans back to their former glory. We can build new Mollycroft rooflines, using existing timbers as patterns to exactly recreate the original, using reclaimed or sustainable timbers to get the closest match possible.

During initial strip-outs we will look closely to find evidence of the most original work, striving to re-create the wagon as it was when it left the makers yard whilst using modern techniques and adhesives to overcome the inherent issues that so many living vans suffered from. 

We can re-build windows, doors and furniture matching the original as closely as possible or offer new ideas to suit your own tastes as required. 

Using the latest insulation products and membranes we can make vintage wagons more comfortable, cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter without compromising on the style and aesthetic of the original design. Re-wiring and introducing plumbing, heating and climate control if required.

We have an extensive supply chain including suppliers of original fittings and fixtures, as well as our own growing collection of brassware and vintage electrical fittings. Our workshop currently enjoys good stocks of reclaimed mahogany as well as air-dried British hardwoods from windfall trees on local estates, allowing us to match many original timbers.

If you have a vintage living van we will arrange a site survey to assess the scope of works and offer an estimate on the costs required to carry out the works you may require - from a new roof or replacement windows to a complete refurbishment bringing it back to showroom condition. Call us to arrange a survey.


1930's Restoration


This old wagon was in a very sorry state with a rotten roof allowing water to cause considerable damage to the interior. Windows and doors needed replacing and previous bodged works hadn't made it any better at all!

Back at our workshop we took off the fibreglass roof covering and the roof was so bad it all had to come off. A new plate was just the start - many of the wall timbers were rotten too so most of the aluminium and interior ply came off to carry out the repairs.

A new mollycroft roof was made, new windows and doors and a restoration of the interior brought this wagon back to life before going back to the owner for painting and fitting out.

1880 Fuller's of St Ives

This amazing reading style wagon, built, we believe in around 1880 by Fuller's of St Ives has been sadly treated by previous owners. 

It's new owner sent it to us for proper restoration. Its a miracle it made it here to be honest. The springs are almost completely rotted away and how it didn't collapse in transit is a mystery.

The decorative bracings might prevent it falling apart at the seams - but they will have to come off..

This will be a challenge!


1900's Phillip's Of Deptford Showman's

Whilst the outside of this horse drawn Showman's needs some attention, the interior is one of the finest we've seen. We don't think the windows are original (after looking at old pictures of others from this maker), but they need replacing anyway.

'Harry Gray's' old Wagon

A piece of history - Harry Gray was the original owner of this majestic old 1920's Showman's in Ower, on the edge of Poole Harbour. The current owner, who has had this beauty for many years has asked us to remake the bay window and front door amongst other works to restore her to her former glory.

One of the trickiest commissions we have been given to date - this will be a lot of work!


1975 Vickers Caravan

The Vickers Caravan was probably the flashiest of the mid-20th Century Romany Caravans to be built in Britain. Fully loaded with cut glass mirrors,, luxurious interiors and as much ornamentation as could be fitted these are the heirs to the most ornate traditional Gypsy Wagons of the Golden Years of the early 20th Century.

We are honoured to be trusted to carry out the restoration of this fabulous show-stopping beauty.

1892 Thomas of Gloucester Showman's Wagon

Reputed to be the wagon bought by 'Buffalo Bill' Cody when he toured Europe in 1901 with his Wild West Show this wagon has been in the ownership of the same person for over 30 years and when it was time for a restoration he came to us.

We stripped down the paintwork, repaired the carvings, took off the lock for an overhaul, fitted a new roof  and gold leafed selcted fretwork and carvings.

20210420_143021 (1).jpg
caravan 1.jpg

1915 - J. Leach of Leeds Square Bow Top

The chassis, built in 1915 by J. Leach of Leeds is original, the upper works were re-built in about 1980 by the well-known Travelling Gentleman, Lol Thompson.

The current owner has asked us to restore it back to its condition when last lived in by Lol.

Its generally pretty good, needing a new paint job, 2 new wheels and some replacement timbers.

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