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Our Tyneham Wagon range is designed for applications where self-catering may not be required such as additional accommodation for hotels and wedding venues. In this case we can remove the kitchen and instead use the space for a larger, more luxurious bathroom facility. We can remove the partition between the living area and the bedroom creating a larger sleeping/living area with or without a wood burning stove. 

All the appeal of staying in a wagon is retained but we tailor the accommodation to a hotel room style to your own requirements and standards. We are able to integrate your own distinct branding and themes within our wagons and our in-house Design Engineer will work closely with your own architect or design team to achieve exactly the look and style you require.

Many boutique hotels and wedding venues have listed status on the building making expansion and extension difficult and costly - wagons situated in the grounds, connected to mains services, afford extremely cost effective opportunities for creating additional accommodation at a fraction of the cost and often without any of the more difficult planning considerations.

Furthermore, with the current strong trend towards 'glamping' there may even be a premium attached to this type of accommodation.

The Tyneham Wagon can be based upon either the classic Showman's Wagon or the Roulotte with a balcony. Either style offers immense opportunity for customising to your own requirements and can prove an extremely cost-effective way of adding accommodation to your portfolio.


Contact us to discuss your requirements and to arrange a visit to our workshop to see a wagon under construction , meet up with our design engineer and  see what a Dorset Wagon can do for your business.

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